The Force Awakens teaser…

So the Star Wars Instagram site unleashed this short teaser yesterday. Here’s a link for you to check it out

Pretty cool huh? For a ten second teaser that hardly has any new footage in it, it still got me excited from the film. Mainly because THAT WAS THE IMPERIAL MARCH IN THE BACKGROUND OF IT! Or at least a version of it anyway. And damn, a lightsaber battle at night? In the snow?  That’s gonna be pretty cool. Rumors are spreading online that there’s going to be a new trailer released next week for Force Friday. Let’s hope those rumors turn out to be true!


Let’s get this show on the road!

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! My name is Andrew and I live on the Isle of Lewis. This is my first attempt at a blog so bear with me!

I intend to use this blog to write about my main interests: films, comics and games. I’m going to review new things I’ve seen, read and played and I’m going to write about some of my favourites of all time as well.

I’m going to try and update this as much as I can. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting and stick with me.