Ghostbusters: Meh.


So, Ghostbusters. I wanted to enjoy this trailer. I really did. But honestly? I was severely underwhelmed by it.I am all for a new Ghostbusters film, with an all female team. It’s great to get some diversity in films nowadays. But c’mon this just seems like its a parody of the original film. The first film was a semi serious film with a load of deadpan humor in it and by God it worked . This one just seems like its going to be full of gross out humor, aged stereotypes and just plain rip offs of the original. Library ghost, Slimer and a giant ghost/monster on the streets of New York? A black, apparently uneducated character who joins the team because she “knows New York”? Why could she not have been one of the scientist types in the film? The whole thing just reeks of pandering to the nostalgia crowd. And it is not working. I will give them credit, the cast they have chosen is pretty damn good, especially Kate Mckinnon. She may actually steal the film from everyone else. And Chris Hemsworth as the secretary? Inspired casting. I’m going to keep hoping that this film will surprise me and be good, but judging from this trailer? I’m not going to hold my breath.


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